Roofing: Face to Face with the Problems

The first cause of leaking roof is the slope of the roof is less steep. The correct slope for the roof is at least 27 degrees, which aims to flow rainwater quickly to the sewer.

How to fix it? Inevitably you have to call a construction worker building to change the slope of the roof, which begins with the roof frame. You should pay attention to the roof installation.

Improper installation can cause a leak in the roof. The right way to install the roof is that it should be installed with no gap at all. Connect one with the other and lock each other.

Roofing: Face to Face with the Problems

Finally, trim the location of the tile until it reaches the precise position (the length of the tile gap is enough) and straight. If the condition of the tile broke, you should immediately replace the same new tile.

Pay close attention to the gutter. If it is made of zinc, then you should replace it with a stainless material. To improve the gutter, adjust to the type of gutter material.

If your gutters are made of PVC, they usually break off and cause the flow of wasted water instead of where it should be. For that, you can get the easier solution which connects the gutter using PVC glue.

You should also pay attention to the garbage on the roof. To maintain the physical form of the gutters, the thing you should pay attention is the condition of the environment around the gutters themselves. They should be cleaned from any debris.

Debris such as leaves that accumulate often inhibits the flow of the water. If it has piled up, the water may spread and reduce the sidelines of the roof.

Then, you should pay attention to the installation. The improper installation on the wrong roof ridge also can cause a leaking roof. Usually, the error lies in the comparison of unbalanced cement and sand.

As a result, the mortar does not blend with the roof tile. If the mortar is dry, it may crack, and, of course, open the water to enter the crack gap.

In addition to mounting, climate can also give a big influence on the occurrence of cement cracking. For that, you should check the roof before the rainy and winter season. You better do this right away, especially in the summer. Have a nice day!

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