Always Align Your Furniture with the Space Condition

Fitting the furniture to the available space is the absolute thing that you must fulfil. Although you have a unique furniture, if it is not in line with the concept of space-of course this will only waste your time, money, and energy. As a guideline, here are some considerations to choose furniture according to your space conditions.

Always Align Your Furniture with the Space Condition

Furniture Size

To get the ideal size, it’s good if first, you determine the size and condition of the space. For example, minimalist occupancy with limited space, of course, would be more suitable if it is filled with a variety of furniture with small to medium size.

If you “force” yourself to put a large size furniture, it will only make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

However, avoid buying very large furniture-especially if ultimately it does not fit your family’s needs. Besides creating the unnecessary expenses, this will also create a bad result in the appearance.

Color Selection

Choose a matching colour with the wall; as well as other interior decorating elements. One of the easy ways can be aligning the dominant colour that is available in the room and avoids the application of low-contrast colours.

Both ways are very important, especially to ensure the presence of furniture to unite and not cause inequality that can damage the beauty of spaces.

Function Room and Furniture

The furniture selection should be matched to the space function, for example, the family room. Given its function as a “hangout and chat room”, it’s good to choose a comfortable and bigger sofa (depending on the number of families) to accommodate the function.

You should also choose the furniture that is “resistant” to the risk of spilling foods or drinks spill.

Be wise in choosing the furniture. Sometimes, you tend to buy expensive furniture-just because you love the shape; features; or rather the luxurious “image” attached on the object.

It turns out that you do not really need the furniture you bought. This habit is certainly not good; because you are clearly at risk of spending budget on things that are not important.


It has become commonplace, that you should choose a furniture design that matches the theme of the space. Nevertheless, it is still recommended that you choose furniture design that is not timeless. In addition to saving on the budget; You can also re-“create” the feels by changing the look of the furniture according to the times.

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